We are creating two world-class terminals

Gatwick is growing fast and to support this growth, a programme of major investment is transforming the airport and improving the experience for our passengers. With £1 billion already invested, the transformation of the airport is well underway, and our South Terminal is now considered one of the best in Europe. A further £1 billion is committed for the next five to seven years, so that our North Terminal can be transformed too. Gatwick needs to continue to grow and attract new airlines, and provide access to more parts of the world. We already offer more destinations than any other UK airport and by encouraging growth and more competition, we hope to keep fares low.

The footprint of our North Terminal has been extended and now we are working on the interiors. We know building work can be disruptive but we are trying to keep this to a minimum, with careful planning and teams of people behind the scenes working on every aspect of the detail.

So what's happening?

A new world-beating check-in area

We're investing £36m to create a brand-new North Terminal check-in area including the world’s largest self-service bag drop zone, with up to 60 bag drop units, designed to speed passengers through the terminals. Faster check-in times will improve the departures experience. The new check-in area is now open providing a better layout and more space to increase peak check-in capacity from 3,000 to 4,350 passengers per hour. 

Watch our behind the scenes footage of the North Terminal check-in transformation:

Next generation security facilities

£30m is being invested to create a world-leading new security area in the North Terminal in 2016, matching that already in operation in the South Terminal. Passenger times through security will be halved giving Gatwick the ability to process 5,000 passengers per hour. The first of our new security lanes opened in February 2016 with the whole project scheduled for completion by June.

A bigger departures area and revamped retail space

£21m is being invested to create a world-class new departure lounge in the North Terminal offering more retail and restaurant space and enhanced choice. 30,000 square feet of new retail space - the equivalent to 10 tennis courts - will be created in total throughout North Terminal. This includes a new World Duty Free opening in 2017 to match the South Terminal which was the world’s largest World Duty Free store when it opened in 2012.

A transformed arrivals area

£10m is being invested to fully refurbish the North Terminal arrivals area. The relocation of existing shops and facilities will create a more spacious concourse, improving the travel experience through Gatwick and offering passengers a better choice of retail, and easier access to the transit which takes them to the train station.

Further major investment to drive passenger improvements

£10m is being invested to upgrade the North Terminal border zone. More space, new technologies and 15 state-of-the-art new e-gates will help lead to shorter queues for passengers.

A further £250m is being invested to maintain and replace facilities including lifts, escalators and technology infrastructure. While £265m is being invested in Piers, new aircraft stands, gate rooms, new lounge facilities, and bag storage facilities.

It’s an exciting time for Gatwick as we continue our journey towards being London’s airport of choice.