How we're performing as a business is crucial to our success


We report on a range of areas across our whole business to show how we're improving and how we're tackling issues that impact our operation as well as our wider community. We are always strike to improve and are never complacent.

In this section you can find a range of performance reports for the following areas:

Monthly performance reports

We publish one key performance report which touches all area of our business and measures our service standards against what has been agreed with our airlines.
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Financial reports

You can read our financial performance reports in our investor relations section
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Traffic figures

Each month we report on the growth of Gatwick highlighting the number of passengers travelling through Gatwick and our aircraft movements alongside some contextual narrative.
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Border Force 

We show how UK Border Force is performing at Gatwick.
Read the bi-annual UKBF reports 

Corporate responsibility

Each year we provide a full report against all our environmental targets. This is called our Decade of Change report.
Find out more in our corporate responsibility section