Security is our top priority at Gatwick

Family at security

One of the most visible aspects of the security process is making sure our passengers do not take on-board prohibited items – a task that inevitably adds time to your journey through the airport and onto your plane. 

Knowing what’s allowed and what’s not allowed before you arrive – as well as allowing yourself plenty of time to follow all the security procedures when you get to Gatwick – will save you time and inconvenience and make your journey more enjoyable.

 Please follow our tips:

  • Have only your boarding card ready for inspection – your passport is not required at security.
  • Have all your toiletries, aftershaves, perfumes and cosmetics (in containers of 100ml or less) in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag for security staff to x-ray separately.
  • TOP TIP: Making sure your plastic bag containing your liquids are in your hand rather than in your hand luggage before you get to security may help speed you through more quickly 
  • Remove coats and jackets. they will be screened separately while you walk through the security archway
  • Take your laptop, tablet (ie.iPad) and any other large electrical items from your hand baggage to be x-rayed separately
  • TOP TIP: Leaving any large electrical items in your hand luggage when you come through security will result in your bag being searched, which will slow you down through security
  • You may be asked to remove your shoes and belt before going through the security archway.